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At Zero Emission, our aim is to make a lasting positive change by offsetting carbon emissions and creating a greener, healthier world for generations to come. Lets plant the trees of change together!

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Introducing Zero Emission, expert in carbon footprint reduction. We are a unique blend of environmental enthusiasts and experts with rich background in the forest industry, committed to helping businesses and individuals minimise their carbon footprint, efficiently and sustainably.

About us

ZERO emission company offers high quality carbon credits. Our goal is to provide carbon offsets for businesses that want to become more sustainable and also for businesses that must comply with strict international regulations, making their carbon offsetting process easier and more affordable.

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Calculate your carbon footprint estimate

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At Zero Emission it is not only about the benefits of carbon offsetting. When selecting locations, we care about the social benefits of our planting grounds, such as soil stabilization, landscaping, and urban heat reduction.

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Join the companies that have decided to make a responsible change.

Certificate for your company

The certification is based on the most strict guidelines from the European Union, world leader in sustainable policies. It is derived from the Kyoto protocol and the Paris agreement to ensure its validity across the world. Instead of paying huge government fees, offset your carbon with us and save not only the planet but also your money. Our certificate is accepted worldwide by all regulatory organs as an offset and will officially lower your CO2 emissions.

Positive PR

In recent years, consumers pay increased attention to product sustainability and this is a growing trend. Today, sustainability is the main subject and the carbon credits market currently worth 1,7 trillion USD is predicted to grow 25x its current value by 2050. Contrary to the misconseption that sustainability comes at a financial cost, it can actually drive economic growth and profitability. Companies that advocate sustainable solutions are often prefered to other less ecological alternatives.

Cost reduction

Sustainable companies have a competitive advantage to companies that dont offer sustainable solutions. The companies that offset their carbon are eligible for government funding and get financial support easier. Moreover, with governments setting net 0 targets and focusing on stopping climate change, it is just a mater of time when every company will need to start offsetting. There is an advantage to being among the first.


Global CO2 pollution levels are steadily rising and becoming an increasing threat to humanity. In 2023, 53.8 billion tonnes of CO2 were emitted into the atmosphere, with an annual increase in pollution of almost 2% from 2022. If this trend is not reversed in the coming years, we will be faced with drastic climate changes that will have a negative impact on life on our planet. It is therefore important to think about how we are affecting the environment and to take responsibility for our share of the total pollution. Together, let's stop polluting and create positive change!